Honeywell Fire Sentry FS20X Flame Detector

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Honeywell Fire Sentry Model FS20X Multi-Spectrum Fire and Flame Detector (IR/IR/UV)

The new Model FS20X is the latest generation high technology Multi-Spectrum (IR/IR/UV/Visible) Fire and Flame Detector, which is part of Fire Sentry´s new FSX family of advanced technology Electro-Optical Fire Detectors. Based on the foundation of highly successful and reliable SS4 detector, the new FS20X Detector represents a quantum leap in integrating Infrared and Ultraviolet sensing technologies. The FS20X is a Multi-Spectrum IR/IR/VIS fire and flame Detector with the addition of a proven UV solar-blind sensor. The FS20X exhibits faster, false-alarm free response to fires over a wider temperature range and with a much longer detection range compare to conventional UV/IR detectors. Solar blind 90 degree cone of vision and detection range greater than 200 feet.

standard temp range -40° to 85°C