Testo 330-2 LX Combustion Analyzer

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Long Life O2 & CO sensors with 4 year warranty!

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The new 330-2 LXcombustion analyzer offers combustion analysis in colorful charts and graphics for faster and easier troubleshooting, set-up and optimization of light industrial and commercial heating systems. With the 330-2 LX you set the parameters and watch real time results on the display in either standard “line” view or graphic view during tuning adjustments.


Intuitive graphic display
Bluetooth Built In 
Measure CO up to 30,000 ppm (with standard dilution system)
Instrument diagnostics and quick leak check at the touch of a button 
On-board memory for ½ million readings
EasyHeat Software for data management 
20 selectable fuels with 10 user defined fuels
Calculated CO2, efficiency, excess air, CO air free 
Differential Pressure measurement
USB connectivity
2 year warranty on analyzer and NO sensor


Kit #1: 330-2 LX with O2 / CO
Analyzer, 12” flue gas probe, Li-Ion charger with battery, power supply, charger, particle filters, case

Kit #2: 330-2 LX with O2 / CO / NOx
Includes: All components of Kit #1 plus NO (0-3000 ppm, NOx calculated with % NO2 addition, NOx corrected to user-defined O2 reference)