Testo 350 Portable Emissions Analyzer

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Emission testing relies on proper hardware coupled with accurate measurements. It’s critical how the sensors are integrated, flow rate is controlled, and exhaust gas is conditioned. The new Testo 350 takes care of all these critical items and provides the high performance and rugged portability you require.

Call us at 973-300-0300 to discuss your application for the Testo 350 and we will offer as much assistance as possible.  Standard Kits are detailed below.  

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Testo 350 - Boiler/Burner Kit
Includes: Control Unit & Analyzer Box with Bluetooth (2.0) up to 300ft

Configured to measure:
O2 / CO / NO / NO2

Thermoelectric (Peltier) Gas Conditioning
Fresh Air Valve (for automatic program & testing)
Testo easyEmission software for PC
Pelican 1600 Heavy Duty Case
13" Industrial Probe, inconel probe shaft rated to 2000 degF, 16' teflon lined sample hose.  Type K thermocouple
NIST traceable calibration certificate

Testo 350 - Engine Kit
Adds Dilution System with factors 1, 2, 10, 20, 40 plus overall 5x dilution

Testo 350 - Low NOx Turbine Kit
Adds upgrade to Low Range Sensors
CO Low (0-500ppm) and NO Low (0-300ppm) with 0.1ppm resolution

Extension probes for greater sampling length are also available, call our office for more details.  

Additional Measuring Sensors
The Testo 350 is a 6 gas analyzer capable of additional measuring technologies

Electrochemical: O2 / CO / NO / NO2 / SO2 / H2S
Pellister: CxHy (Hydrocarbons)
Nondispersive Infrared: CO2

We can add sensors to the above kits, or configure custom instruments for process analytics.  The on board dilution system can be applied to all gas sensors for high range testing.  In particular, H2S concentrations up to 12,000ppm can be accurately measured. We also have customers using the 350 as a full range, 0-100% CO2 analyzer.
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